Uphill Both Ways was developed after a trip in 2005, when a group of southern Albertans went trekking in Nepal. After witnessing the state of extreme poverty, they decided to make a small contribution to improve the state of one rural school. A simple act of generosity involving a few hundred dollars was sufficient to purchase an incredible volume of teaching supplies, books, and educational resources. A dilapidated shack full of eager young children was turned into a classroom, and the start to an incredible chain reaction.


Since 2005 the ball started rolling and a taxicab filled with school supplies has turned into the building of two new schools and hundreds of students being supplied with the necessities to improve their learning environment.

The children have been supplied with notebooks, pencils, erasers and a pencil sharpener along with a book bag to carry it all to school. Teachers have also been provided with salaries along with teaching aids such as poster boards, textbooks and sports equipment.


Our initial emphasis upon early childhood education has expanded to include work in health care such as remote health care programs and funding of a maternal and early childhood care hospital in the urban center of Bhaktapur.

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