Earthquake Relief Efforts


Uphill Both Ways has been doing everything in its power to supply aid to the people of Nepal since the first of the earthquakes that hit the coutry on the 25th of April, 2015. At the present time we are funding the Siddhi Memorial Hospital in Bhaktapur in dealing with the current emergency situation. Bhaktapur is on the outskirts of Kathmandu and was severely affected by the quake. Thousands were injured and or killed. Prior to the quake we had made a commitment to the hospital to provide funding for a series of 6 health camps to be hosted in the region however with the emergency provided by the quake, funds were redirected towards the emergency situation. We have also effectively been able to get food supplies into the Ghorka region to provide several thousand pounds of rice to communities who lost all of their stockpiles of rice and other food supplies when their houses collapsed. These efforts will be continuing over the next few weeks as needs are determined. We have also gathered medical and relief supplies through donations from supporters in Alberta and British Columbia which will be flown in by Cathay Pacific without cost once the relief embargo has been lifted.
With the current emergency and the public's response to the international request for funds we are in the process of determining the best use of our funds. You can expect that funds will be applied firstly to the current crisis by providing food, medical supplies and shelter. We will also be retaining some funds to help with the rebuilding of schools in some of the remote areas once the rebuilding process begins.

Medications and supplies purchased by Siddhi Memorial hospital from the funds sent my Uphill Both Ways and Rotary Lethbridge.

The Siddhi Memorial Hospital was overflowing with patients in the days following the initial earthquake and doctors and nurses were left to treat patients on the streets.

Rice being supplied to families in the Ghorka region who were affected by the earthquake

Some community members walked up to six hours to bring rice back to their families.

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