Fundraising Disclosure


2015 Fundraising Disclosure


Uphill Both Ways Education & Relief Fund is planning on raising $43,000.00 through the sales of Nepalise Handicrafts, Special Events and Donations.  The costs to raise these funds is estimated at $5,000.00 to purchase goods for resale plus administration expenses of $1,000.00. In addition, donations of emergency relief supplies are anticipated to be gathered for direct distribution.


The money raised will be used to support our work in remote regions of Nepal, including:

  • class room construction

  • educational materials & teacher salaries

  • health care, education and medical supplies


Contact information

            Registered Corporate Office

                        Suite #807, 400 4th Avenue South

                        Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 4E1


                        Contact person: F.Murray Pritchard



Janelle Pritchard-President       


F. Murray Pritchard-Treasurer


Andrew Andreachuk-Vice Pres.         


Kristina Pritchard-Secretary


Pema Norbu Lama-Director

Nayabazaar Kathmandu, Nepal


Corporate Status

Incorporated as a not for profit corporation pursuant to the provisions of the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.

Licensed under the Alberta Charitable Fundraising Act


Uphill Both Ways Education & Relief Fund

Fundraising Goals





            - Sales of handicrafts                                           $20,000.00

            -special events                                                         5,000.00



            - Cash donations                                                    18,000.00


Total Income                                                                     $43,000.00







            - Handicraft Purchases                                           $5,000.00



            - Advertising & promotion                                            500.00

            - Administration expenses                                           500.00

            Total Administration                                                  1,000.00


Total Costs                                                                          $6,000.00



Funds Available for Distribution          $ 37,000.00

Fundraising Goals

​Find us: 

facebook: uphillbothways nepal

Instagram: ubwnepal