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The educational and healthcare benefits of bringing power to local communities across Nepal are considerable. Access to electricity is proven to improve school attendance, enhance study habits, augment literacy rates, increase communication and information access, reduce household accidents, and allowing women to lead a more balanced life. These changes can give way to improved livelihoods and poverty reduction.

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Improving Infrastructure

Micro hydro plants have been a critical element of the Nepali government’s efforts to electrify Nepal. The Chuile Khola micro hydro project in the Ghandruk district of Nepal was a joint project between Uphill Both Ways and the Rotary Club of Lethbridge to help support the governments efforts. The 50kW micro hydro plant initially provided over 240 rural mountainside homes with power and has since been able to increase its capacity to provide nearly 300 total homes with reliable power. The total project cost was $170,000 USD and was made possible through an additional balance of community work and Nepal government funding subsidies.

Expanding services in Nepal

The remoteness of the majority of villages in Nepal has made it difficult for the government to extend the national electric grid. The lack of access to a reliable power source can have many negative effects on rural communities and dampen their economic growth. Energy is one of the most basic inputs for all economic activity. Although it is not an end in itself, it is essential to facilitate economic and social activity. Improvements in education and health are among the most recognized benefits of reliable electricity. Electricity in schools allows for the use of technology to enhance learning. Lighting in houses allows children to study long after the sun goes down and can also reduce lung exposure to smoke due to reduced indoor open fires. Electricity access can also be linked to providing women with a more balanced lifestyle and allows them to spend more time on income-generating activities.

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