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UBW creates opportunities for people living in rural communities. We started in education and have since taken on a more comprehensive approach to poverty by expanding into health care, overall development and disaster relief. Our projects focus on providing local assistance depending on individual community needs.

You can find all of our funded projects on the map below.


We've developed key criteria to help choose projects that will be the most beneficial to the communities they serve

Significant Impact

Ensure that the projects we choose will have a significant positive impact and the potential for that impact to grow over time.

Community Support and Participation

Sufficient organization and engagement from local stakeholders to help implement projects that will have long term support.

Good Local Governance

A stable local government where it is possible to engage in constructive dialogue in order to plan out projects. This strengthens local ownership and ensures that there is fiduciary responsibility.


Understanding what local priorities are for projects as well as reducing a dependency on aid by looking for opportunities to create self-sustaining projects to make sure that the benefits continue long after establishment.

Financial Structure

Thanks to a generous community of supporters, a network of local partners and Canadian funding programs our impact continues to multiply.

Our grass roots organization is a registered not for profit society. We operate on a very low budget with a volunteer board of directors and no paid staff members. Our Canadian directors pay for their own travel expenses when traveling to Nepal. This helps to ensure that all funds raised have the highest possible impact on the ground in Nepal. The communities we support are required to provide a basic level of volunteer labour on our projects and thereafter community members are paid competitive wages based on skill levels and productivity. This not only provides cash into local economies but helps ensure that women receive full and fair compensation for their work.

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