About us

Our Story


It all started in 2005, when a group of southern Albertans went trekking in Nepal. After witnessing the state of one of the small rural schools along the trail, they decided to offer a small contribution to the community. This simple act of generosity involving a few hundred dollars was sufficient to purchase an incredible volume of teaching supplies, books and educational resources. A run down building full of eager young children was given the tools to turn into an effective classroom, and an incredible chain reaction was started.


Since that first trip and initial contribution, this vision has grown into what is now Uphill Both Ways Education and Relief Foundation (UBW). The initial emphasis upon early childhood education has expanded to include work in health care, disaster relief, and infrastructure.

UBW is but a loyal group of Canadian and Nepali volunteers who believe in what they do and that a small action can truly change everything.


Our Mission

Uphill Both Ways works alongside community members to help empower children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential.

Teaming up with local leaders

Together with a dedicated group of Nepali locals, community leaders, and Canadian partners, our contributions are making a difference across Nepal in the following areas: