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Covid-19 Relief


$118,000 USD

Project Cost



Isolation Rooms

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Supporting those affected

Siddhi Memorial Women and Children's Hospital and their medical teams are dedicated to offering affordable care to Nepalis who have been diagnosed with Covid-19. There is a lack of government funded isolation hospital beds for low-income patients in Nepal. This causes those who can't afford the high costs of Covid-19 treatment from private hospitals to go without care and increasing the risk of further spread.

Together with the Rotary Club of Lethbridge, supported with grants from the Rotary Foundation and the Government of Canada, we were able to establish a Covid isolation ward at Siddhi Memorial. The project included enough ventilators, monitors, pumps, beds, and defibrillators to support five patients, all of which can be repurposed by the hospital following the end of the pandemic.

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