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Gandaki Lower Secondary School

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Project Cost


8 Classrooms

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Students Attending Yearly

Our impact


We were approached by the community of Runchet following the 2015 earthquake. It had been a year since the disaster and they had still not yet received the necessary support from the government or other NGOs to rebuild their school. Students were left to attend class in makeshift huts of corrugated metal and tarps. 

Together with support from UBW, the Rotary club of Lethbridge, and local Nepali community members, we were able to replace the school buildings destroyed in the earthquake with 8 new classrooms. The school also received teaching materials, desks, benches, chalkboards and a computer lab. This has allowed over 250 students to safely attend school each year and receive a higher quality of education.


Due to the hard work of community members and hired professionals, the project came in under budget and an additional reserve fund was able to be established. Gandaki Lower Secondary school now has the ability to become self sustaining and use their reserve funds to support teachers' wages and pay for ongoing school expenses. The high interest rates in Nepal allows for these funds to grow exponentially and support the school for years to come.

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