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Janalahar Primary School



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Following Uphill Both Ways' first project at the Buddheshowri primary school, we were approached in 2010 by community members from a village nearby.  We learned that not only was their school in disrepair and collapsing, but it was also not big enough to safely fit all the students who attended. Together with the Rotary Club of Lethbridge, we were able to raise $70,000USD to fund the construction of Janalahar Primary School.


Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the community members and local professionals, the project took 13 months to complete. The six classrooms were fitted with desks, benches and chalkboards, and every student was provided with school supplies to support their learning. Furthermore, due to a lack of government funding, UBW helped to pay for two teachers' salaries from 2011 to 2014. Afterwards, the community was able to continue funding through local fundraising and an additional partnership with another NGO.

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